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Do you have what it takes? We ask prospective students this question. By being leaders, scholars, and athletes, they show us they do. Tiger Battalion students get a world-class education from MU while growing into the officers the Army needs. Mizzou students push themselves further, seeking out individual opportunities for growth and leadership development outside the curriculum. They receive training to grow into leaders, but they need resources to seek additional development and experience.

This is where you can help. Your donation ensures the Tiger Battalion from Mizzou can expand their training and become the very best. They are shooting for the re-established Rifle Team, running and rucking in the Bataan through the New Mexico desert, marching the Norwegian in the chill of an Indiana fall, and racing the Ten-Miler through the streets of our nation’s capital. MU Tiger Battalion students push themselves: beyond the basics, beyond their limits, to be the best. To do this, they need your support. Do you have what it takes?

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