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University Development Privacy Statement

University of Missouri

One of the Office of Development's most important functions is to keep alumni and supporters connected to MU and to each other. Consequently, MU compiles both public and private information about alumni and supporters. This notice is to inform you of how MU uses the information it collects and how you can limit that use.

MU collects information about alumni and supporters from various sources:

MU's database is for the sole use of MU. It does not sell, rent or trade alumni and supporter information with any organization that isn't directly affiliated with MU.

MU Affiliates

MU works closely with the MU Alumni Association, MU schools and colleges, UM Healthcare, the UM System, regional alumni chapters and affinity alumni groups (e.g., the MU Black Alumni Organization, MU Intercollegiate Athletics, etc.). It shares information openly with these organizations.

MU also has formed relationships with companies to provide certain services to alumni and supporters in order to generate revenue that finances the services which MU provides to alumni, supporters and students. Before entering into a partnership with these companies, MU considers the companies' practices regarding use of customer information and MU determines that these companies are reputable, trustworthy organizations.

These companies communicate directly with alumni and supporters to market products and services that they vend for MU. For this purpose, MU provides lists of names and addresses, with a detailed contract governing the use of these lists.

If you do not wish to be contacted by these companies, notify MU as explained in the "Opt-out Option" section of this page. MU then will remove your name from these mailing lists. Please be aware that mailings often are prepared several weeks in advance of shipping. Although MU will remove your name from circulation as quickly as possible, you may receive mailings for more than a month after requesting removal.

How Does MU Use Contact Information?

MU uses contact information to send alumni and supporters information about MU and promotional materials. From time to time, the Mizzou Annual Fund uses contact information for fund raising through telemarketing.

Opt-out Option

MU's web site offers you the opportunity to opt out of receiving communications from MU and its partners. Alumni and supporters also can request that MU remove their information from its database, eliminate future communications or no longer offer services by communicating these preferences to MU by e-mail, regular mail or telephone:

Correct or Update Information

Alumni and supporters can notify MU of corrections and updates to their information by e-mail, regular mail or telephone. Use the contact information listed above.