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Student Affairs

Alternative Break Gift Fund

Founded in 1991, Mizzou Alternative Breaks sends groups of students on service trips during weekend, Thanksgiving, spring, summer and winter breaks. Participants enter communities with the mindset of “Serve, don’t help,” one of the program’s guiding principles.

During these trips, students learn about the communities they are visiting, the issues they are working with and their fellow classmates. Ninety-two percent of 2014-15 participants said the trip helped them to connect to real people affected by the social issue being addressed, and 84 percent said their trip influenced their career plans.

In an effort to make this life-changing experience more accessible, we are prioritizing scholarships to reduce the cost for students with financial need. We awarded 306 need-based scholarships this year, and we hope to award more.

Help us continue our 25-year tradition of service by making a gift to Mizzou Alternative Breaks today.