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  • Goal: $25,000.00

    $13,235 (52%) raised
    Law School Foundation
    Michael A. Middleton School of Law Scholarship
  • Goal: $25,000.00

    $44,352.48 (177%) raised
    MU School of Law
    William B. Fisch Scholarship Endowment
  • Goal: $25,000.00

    $550 (2%) raised
    Law School Scholarship Fund

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The University of Missouri School of Law has a history of educating students to become outstanding lawyers, judges, public servants, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. It strives to be the school of choice for those seeking the finest legal education for a reasonable price. The Law School and its supporters are constantly seeking opportunities to address challenges facing the school, build up areas of excellence to position the school for the future, and maintain and build on its strengths. The school's long-term goal is to establish the school's national and international reputation as one of the premier state law schools, while continuing to train lawyers for practice in the state of Missouri.

For more information about giving to the School of Law, please contact Emily Moses at 573-882-4374.

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