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Memorials (8)

Goal: $50,000.00

$41,260 (82%) raised
VC Extension
Eldon Cole Memorial Fund

Goal: $75,000.00

$53,754.73 (71%) raised
Harry Gunnison Brown Fund

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Dean Of Veterinary Medicine
Jane Ebben Veterinary Nursing Fund

Goal: $75,000.00

$53,496 (71%) raised
John W. Cowden, MD and Patricia R. Cowden Fund in Ophthalmology for Education and Research

Goal: $25,000.00

$33,046.66 (132%) raised
Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity
Jordan Hoyt Memorial Tribute to Women Award

Goal: $25,000.00

$31,819 (127%) raised
Dean of Journalism
Mark Hinojosa Fund for Future Journalists

Goal: $55,000.00

$48,911.25 (88%) raised
Norman Bowers Scholarship Fund

Goal: $40,000.00

$46,960 (117%) raised
Dean Of Medicine
William Salzer, MD and Gordon Christensen, MD Lectureship in Infectious Diseases