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Sinclair School of Nursing

Goal: $29,000

$525 (1%) raised Need: $28,475

Sinclair School of Nursing / College of Veterinary Medicine

ReCHAI - Feline Friends Project

Fund Feline Friends for Families of Children with Autism  
This year one in 68 children will be diagnosed with autism. They suffer from bullying and often have trouble making friends. Children with autism who live with pets in their home have better social skills. Because cats are quiet and soft they may be loving companions for children with autism. 
The Feline Friends Project will match and place cats with calm and friendly temperaments in homes of children with autism. Families will adopt this new feline friend. We will study the impact of the new cat on the children and their parents. 
The Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction (ReCHAI) is a collaborative center at the University of Missouri between the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Sinclair School of Nursing. For the past 10 years ReCHAI has been demonstrating the benefit of the human animal bond for both ends of the leash!
Your gift will help reduce the loneliness of children with autism. It will also provide a loving home for cats.

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