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99 Lives Cat Initiative

Click here to see our video.The cat genome has been sequenced! We are using this important resource to find genes for cat diseases such as cancers, diabetes, inherited blindness and many other diseases. We are searching for regions of the genome that differ between healthy cats and sick cats, to find the alteration associated with health concerns and develop tests for these conditions. By finding genetic causes of health problems, we can improve treatments and eradicate the disease! A good-quality sequence of the entire genome of a cat costs ~$7,000. Our overall goal is to sequence over 99 cats! The genomes of 50 cats are completed! For this fundraiser, we hope to sequence 17 feline friends for $121,000. Every donation counts, every life counts! Nominate a cat for sequencing or sponsor a breed, our spokescats or some other cat (please note in the comments). Help us bring awareness of the 99 Lives Cat Genome Sequencing Initiative to the world. Please share our project and websites!

99 Lives website     99 Lives Facebook

For your donation to the 99 Lives Cat Initiative of:

$10-25:   99 Lives button & wrist band

     $50:   Maverix Biomics “Bring Your Data to Life” cat T-shirt

   $100:   Cat Switchplate – SwitchPlates by Lisa - www.facebook.com/switchplatesbylisa

   $150:   Book: Your Ideal Cat: Insights into Breed and Gender Differences in Cat Behavior

   $200:   99 Lives polo

   $300:   DVD: Science of Cats – National Geographic

   $500:   Book: Introduction to Veterinary Genetics

 $1000:   Book: The Cat: Clinical Medicine and Management

 $7000:   We sequence your cat!

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