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College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Goal: $550,000

$594,609.77 (108%) raised Over the Goal: $44,609.77

Dean Of Agriculture

CAFNR General Scholarship Fund

CAFNR is committed to providing quality advising and teaching and is leader at Mizzou in student retention, graduation, and employment success. CAFNR embraces a culture of career development that leads to success rates much higher than the national average. Our students are immersed in research very early in their college careers, making them more valuable in the job market. We are fortunate to have strong corporate ties that allow a wide array of internship opportunities for our students. Students can take advantage of our Study Abroad program to broaden their knowledge of cultures and agricultural practices in other countries. Additionally, our faculty, professional advisors and staff go above and beyond, through special events and one-on-one coaching, to hone students’ résumé writing, interview and other interpersonal skills. Your investment in CAFNR scholarships will allow us to continue attracting the best and brightest students and offering the highest level support to ensure our students are successful.