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College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Goal: $100,000

$64,135.22 (64%) raised Need: $35,864.78

Agribusiness Management, Agricultural Education and Leadership, Hospitality Management, Personal Financial Planning

Division of Applied Social Sciences Excellence Fund

During a given year, the Division of Applied Social Sciences often has unanticipated needs and opportunities that arise. To invest in those areas, our Division relies on the DASS Excellence Fund.

With DASS Excellence Fund dollars, our Division has the flexibility to implement projects that haven't otherwise been included in our operating budget but would strengthen our work with students and faculty. For example, a gift to the DASS may support the following initiatives:

•    Enriching the student experience by funding on- and off-campus learning and professional development opportunities
•    Engaging alumni during networking socials and visits with students on campus
•    Funding faculty externships, which allow faculty to experience industry work, gain practical expertise and apply their knowledge by developing relevant curriculum and research programs
•    Enhancing the learning environment through physical and technological renovations and improvements in our classrooms

Your support of the DASS will enable our Division to act quickly as needs and opportunities arise; encourage future success for our students and faculty; and allow us to excel in our research, teaching, extension and engagement efforts.