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College of Arts and Science

Goal: $400,000

$60,250.06 (15%) raised Need: $339,749.94

Military Science

Obstacle Course and Venture Out Expansion Fund

The creation of a multi-use obstacle course and universally accessible high ropes course at the University of Missouri Venture Out will provide MU students and the mid-Missouri community with state-of-the-art teambuilding and leadership development program opportunities. Funds raised for site development and construction of the obstacle courses, tower and a new high ropes course, will also establish of an endowment to maintain and expand the facility in the future. Construction will proceed as funds are raised. Your gifts provide essential components including site survey and sealed engineering drawings; a site ecological vegetative perimeter buffer; construction of an encompassing fence; construction of a comprehensive multi-use obstacle course; construction of a new six-sided rappel and climbing tower; and construction of a universally accessible high ropes course.

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