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Heyde Memorial for MSA

“Yo, SOOOOO GREAAAAT!” was Bill’s response to the annual question to him, “How was MSA this year?” “The intellectual exchange with the students and staff were energizing,” he would say. Watching students learn to negotiate the library at Mizzou, the social activities, the teasing and joking that occurred, discussing politics, rooting for the GIANTS when everyone there was a Cardinals fan; were a few of the stories that he would share with any who would care to listen. There was always an update on the courses that he taught, along with the students he met. When asked why MSA was so important to him, he would say, “MSA is the one place where the best and the brightest, the most talented high school students come to challenge each other to be and do their best.” Intellectual ability and not financial status got you into MSA. For this reason, the Heyde Memorial Endowment for MSA has been created to ease the financial burden of those students who were in need and to recognize the MSA faculty for their dedication. 

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