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Mizzou Botanic Garden

The Legacy Oaks of the Francis Quadrangle

Since the 1950s, more than 20 pin oak trees have stood guard at the center of campus around Mizzou's historic Francis Quadrangle. A tree health and safety study recently revealed an urgent need to remove five of the twenty pin oak trees growing along the Quad's perimeter sidewalks. As the trees have aged, they have declined in health, and falling limbs pose a serious safety risk to pedestrians. With safety a No. 1 priority on campus, the removal process of the identified pin oaks is now underway.

The Mizzou Botanic Garden Friends Advisory Board has established a tree commission to review and recommend opportunities for replacing the aging pin oaks. Consisting of forestry and plant sciences faculty, Campus Facilities-Landscape Services staff, MU’s master planner, tree-knowledgeable alumni and community citizens, the tree commission has been meeting regularly to review tree health and site conditions, with the goal of recommending the most appropriate native tree replacement selections, new tree placement design options, fundraising strategies and a phased implementation timeline.

The replacement of the pin oaks will be funded through a special Mizzou Botanic Garden fundraising campaign named ‘The Legacy Oaks of the Francis Quadrangle’. The replacement native oak trees will be nursery-produced as landscape-sized trees using a special root development system designed to limit transplant shock. All replacement oaks will be planted at the same time in the nursery and then moved to the Quad as other pin oaks are removed. This approach will ensure the trees are of the same size and help maintain the Quadrangle’s iconic ‘sense of place’ during the replacement process. 

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