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College of Veterinary Medicine

The William H. Fales, PhD, Clinical Veterinary Microbiology Award

You may have called Doc Fales by his preferred nickname, Billy the Bacteriologist. Well-known for his contagious laugh, Doc Fales’ irrepressible humor extends even to the subject of bacteria. After a 43-year career in the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. William and Susan Fales have relocated to Ames, Iowa, to live closer to their children and grandchildren. 

Following Doc Fales’ second retirement in 2017, Susan surprised him by establishing an award in his honor. The William H. Fales, PhD, Clinical Veterinary Microbiology Award fund is well on its way to becoming an endowed account. Today we invite you to help us build this fund honoring Doc Fales.
The William H. Fales, PhD, Clinical Veterinary Microbiology Award will be presented to undergraduate, graduate, professional veterinary medicine students or post-doctoral students who demonstrate an exceptional interest and proficiency in diagnostic veterinary microbiology. Our goal is to raise $26,000 this year so that the award may be endowed at $25,000 and the first scholarship from the fund presented to a student in May 2019 during our annual Honors Banquet. 
The impact Doc Fales has had on the MU College of Veterinary Medicine, in particular the Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, cannot be measured. During his tenure at the college, Doc Fales was instrumental in the education of more than 3,100 students of Veterinary Medicine, numerous graduate students and consulted on innumerable diagnostic cases. He was recognized as an Honorary Veterinarian at the May 2017 commencement.
 Please join us and consider a significant gift honoring the legacy of Doc Fales while also supporting the MU College of Veterinary Medicine.