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Kinder Institute Oxford Scholars Program

The Kinder Institute has developed two study abroad programs to Oxford University unlike any other of their kind. In Kinder Institute Chair Jay Sexton’s “Global History at Oxford” class, students have a chance to explore the forces that have shaped the course of global history both in the Mizzou classroom and at Corpus Christi College, where they spend a week studying with leaders in the field of transnational history and experiencing the life of an Oxford student. 

Going one step further than this, the Oxford Fellowships Program sends MU’s most ambitious young scholars across the Atlantic to spend a semester or academic year as a fully-embedded Corpus student, with access to the entire range of the college’s tutorial curriculum for second-year history students as well as to the holdings of the Rothermere American Institute, which is home to the largest academic collection in U.S. history outside of North America. Your donations to the Kinder Institute Scholarship Fund will support both of these programs as well as other needs encountered by the Kinder Institute. Your gift allows Mizzou’s best and brightest students to broaden their scholarly horizons, while also helping to further build the university’s international reputation as a world leader in providing undergraduates with elite, innovative educational opportunities.