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Unviersity of Missouri Linguistics

Linguistics Unrestricted Gift Fund

The Program in Linguistics brings together faculty from several academic units to provide an innovative curriculum for Mizzou students. 

Our students explore language from a range of perspectives in and out of the classroom. They engage in hands-on linguistic analysis and contribute to important research discoveries by describing aspects of the grammar and sound systems of endangered languages and by studying questions such as how children learn language, how regional dialects are changing, and how languages are related historically. The Program receives modest annual funding from the College of Arts and Science to support visiting speakers and other kinds of programming. 
Your gift will help us further to enrich our students’ experiences by funding their travel to conferences and other professional meetings, supporting research collaborations between faculty and students, and recognizing exemplary work with awards for papers and posters. It is only through the generosity of alumni and friends that we are able to meet the high expectations we set for Mizzou Linguistics. Thank you for your support.

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