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Missouri Center for Addiction Research and Engagement

Missouri faces considerable challenges with addiction and substance abuse that touch us all. This includes pervasive problems with opioids, alcohol, and nicotine. Addressing current challenges of addiction, and importantly, preventing the next substance abuse epidemic, requires innovative approaches to understanding both causes and treatment. It requires a cooperative multidisciplinary effort to generate knowledge and put that knowledge in the hands of people who can help. 

The Missouri Center for Addiction Research and Engagement (MO-CARE) will:
• Establish coordination networks crucial to making inroads into solving the grand challenge of addiction.
• Meet the needs of Missouri citizens affected by addictions by training treatment providers and enhancing remote access to care.
• Increase federal funding to maximize exceptional interdisciplinary addiction research and training programs at MU and across UM System.
Gifts to this fund are much appreciated for their ability to support the goals of MO-CARE.