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Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Venus Pompeiana Project

The Roman goddess Venus was the patron deity of the city of Pompeii, and her temple occupied a prominent location at the southern edge of the site, overlooking the river plain below. The Venus Pompeiana Project aims to resume study of the Sanctuary of Venus at Pompeii, integrating the results of past fieldwork (most recently between 2004 and 2007) with new targeted excavations in order to answer crucial questions about the building phases and cultural meaning of the temple dedicated to Pompeii’s patron deity.

This project is a collaboration between Mizzou and Mount Allison University. MU Assistant Professor Marcello Mogetta is co-director of the project. Your donation to this project will directly support MU archaeology faculty and students (at graduate and undergraduate levels) as they assess the impact of the Roman conquest on the local religious landscape, chart the spatial transformations of the precinct through the ages, and increase public awareness about this important monument.

To learn more about the first three seasons of work at the site: https://www.archaeological.org/interactive-dig/pompeii-italy/

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