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$1,320 (26%) raised

Need: $3,680

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St. Louis Mizzou Alumni Chapter Scholarship

One in five Mizzou alumni hails from St. Louis, making the St. Louis Mizzou Alumni Chapter the largest in the Mizzou Alumni network. As the leading alumni chapter, we plan to raise funds for future Mizzou Tigers from our local area who aspire to attend Missouri's flagship university. With more than 50,000 alumni living in the St. Louis metro area, we know we can have a meaningful impact with this effort and make a real difference in the lives of local Tigers. For this academic year, our chapter has set a goal of raising $5,000 through Give Direct to award in student scholarships. Please join us in helping bright young students from St. Louis get one of the best educations possible with your gift today!

Visit the St. Louis Chapter Facebook page here.

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