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Goal: $150,000


$47,595 (31%) raised

Need: $102,405


Medical School Scholarship Fund

150th Anniversary Campaign

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of our School of Medicine, we set a goal to raise $150,000 for the Medical School Scholarship Fund. To launch this special initiative, our Medical Alumni Organization President, Dr. Steven Daniels ’87, is challenging fellow alumni to match his gift of $1,500.

While competition among medical schools for top students increases, it is more important than ever that the School of Medicine is able to offer competitive financial aid packages to deserving students. With federal and state budget reductions, this is only possible through private philanthropy. 

Because more than half of medical students list scholarship assistance as a determining factor when selecting a school, the Medical School Scholarship Fund provides an enormous advantage in recruiting the brightest medical students to Mizzou. Even with financial aid, the average debt of our students upon graduation is more than $200,000. Every $20,000 awarded to a medical student in scholarship funds reduces loan repayment by $237 each month.

Lessening student debt frees medical students to pursue the area of medicine where their passions lie regardless of the earning potential. It also allows them to focus less on financial burdens and more on becoming outstanding healers.

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