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MU Extension's St. Louis Storytelling Festival

The St. Louis Storytelling Festival, a University of Missouri Extension Community Arts Program, renews and celebrates an ancient art. Storytelling is an evolving, dynamic art form that allows families and communities to pass on their history and experiences to succeeding generations. In addition to year-round community-based storytelling activities, our May Festival, (our largest activity during the year), is a multi-day extravaganza featuring storytellers from across the nation and around the region. Storytellers perform at different venues across the metro region, with educational outreach activities in schools and libraries; specialized workshops for educators, families, community members and aspiring tellers; and dynamic, entertaining public telling sessions at some of St. Louis’ most well-known sites and attractions. Festival events are suitable for all ages, and most are offered FREE to the public. 

Your gift will ensure this program continues to grow. More than 18,100 attended in 2019, and we expect attendance to keep growing. Funds are used to bring in acclaimed storytellers and increase the number of community-based venues hosting activities. Your support will ensure that the costs to attendees remains free or minimal so that people in the community can continue to learn and be entertained through this special opportunity.



Gina GanahlJudith in SeattleLee Ann Garrison and Tom Strini
Liz Weir
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