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Dr. John Kuhlman Graduate Fellowship

During his tenure as an economics Professor at Mizzou, Professor John Kuhlman changed the lives of thousands of students. An “icon of econ” and a Mizzou teaching legend, Dr. Kuhlman made economics approachable to students, instilling a desire to understand how economics relates to the world and a passion for the subject in many. Perhaps his greatest legacy among former students, however, was teaching how a healthy challenge leads to great rewards. Dr. Kuhlman is famously remembered as an intimidating professor, but he was equally admired for his commitment to student success and professional development.

Although he retired from teaching Econ 51 at Mizzou in 1985, Dr. Kuhlman’s former students remember his teaching with candor, enthusiasm, and deep appreciation. In response to a 2008 MIZZOU Magazine article written on Dr. Kuhlman’s teaching career, several former students shared their memories of Dr. Kuhlman decades after sitting in one of his course sections:

“Your lectures stand out as a highlight of my time at Mizzou. I often think about how economics drives everything we do and how little time is spent covering that topic in education.”

 “I had many professors in my college years, and many teachers in various settings since then. Only a few had significant impact upon me. But of those, none can match the gratitude and respect that I carry for you.”

To honor Dr. Kuhlman and the impact he had on so many, you are invited to invest in establishing a graduate fellowship in Dr. Kuhlman’s name. A former student of Dr. Kuhlman’s and lead donor to this campaign summarizes how Dr. Kuhlman was a champion teacher, whose influence continues until today: "Despite his sometimes-intimidating nature, Professor Kuhlman had a sincere concern for his students. In a world where professors were often too busy to do anything other than teach their section, he was always available to help. If you were willing to try, he was willing to help."

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