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College of Education and Human Development

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College of Education & Human Development

Student Success Exchange

Our Student Success Exchange resources are dedicated to those students who might be experiencing temporary food insecurities, resource shortages, or professional clothing needs. We all experience challenges at different points in our lives. In this moment, lean on your community.

The Student Success Exchange is made possible through generous support from our donors as well as the College of Education & Human Development community. Your generosity allows us to support undergraduate and graduate students in need by:

  • Purchasing and stocking non-perishable food, snack items, and personal hygiene products.
  • Offering a Career Closet, which provides professional clothing options for field placements, special occasions, or interviews.

Thank you for supporting our students when they need it most!

Bashar and Karen NejdawiCarol StelmachChris Smith
Daniel AllenGinny NiewoehnerGreg and Tara Boehne
Haley DzarnowskiJennifer Fellabaum-TostonLaurie Kingsley
Michael Urban