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Goal: $500,000


$480,000 (96%) raised

Need: $20,000

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School of Medicine Class of 1974 Scholarship

MU Medical School tuition when we graduated in 1974 was $750 per year. Today's tuition is more than $45,000 annually. As we look forward to our 50th Medical School reunion this year, we’ve set a goal to increase our endowed scholarship to $500,000, which will provide significant assistance to medical students each year. Thanks to your generosity, our class legacy will make a difference in the lives of medical students in perpetuity.

Dr. Mary Lea Dohrmann and Dr. Thomas DresserH. Clay Cundiff, Jr. M.D.H. Clay Cundiff, M.D.
Mary Lea Dohrmann MD and Thomas P Dresser MD PHDMary Lea Dohrmann MD and Thomas P Dresser MD PhDkenneth a. buchwach md