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College of Education & Human Development

Carter Center for K-12 Black History Education

The Carter Center for K-12 Black History Education at the University of Missouri focuses on research projects and teacher professional development activities that seek to improve K-12 Black history education. The center engages in services and teaching related to its research mission while also helping to build networks of people and organizations committed to Black history education.

Your generosity allows the Carter Center for K-12 Black History Education to:

  • Encourage research projects which seek to create new knowledge to advance Black history education and generate ideas and practices to improve student learning.
  • Support teacher professional development activities to improve Black history curriculum and instruction.
  • Engage and collaborate with other people and organizations in helping promote Black history education through the Carter Center’s Annual Teaching Black History Conference.

Christine SleeterDr. Gloria BoutteJason Fenton
Jennifer Fellabaum-Toston and Shaun TostonKathryn ChvalMichael Joseph
Michael Urban and Michael BuikusPeter H. WoodWhitney G Blankenship
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