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Goal: $20,000


$5,880 (29%) raised

Need: $14,120

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Mizzou Engineers Without Borders

Mizzou Engineers Without Borders is raising money for our water supply in Romerillos, Ecuador. Romerillos is an agricultural community of approximately 700 people in the Cotopaxi region of Ecuador, whose water sources were smothered by volcanic ash during the eruption of the Cotopaxi volcano, the 26th most active volcano in the world. Cotopaxi’s ash contamination left the community without clean water for months while killing the livestock and agriculture which the community depends on.

1. Our team's goal is to provide Romerillos with an abundant, year-round supply of water and protect their source from future contamination. Our assessment trip, conducted in January of 2019, concluded that digging a 180-meter well that ash cannot infiltrate is most sustainable solution to the long-term health and economic growth of Romerillos.

2. Currently, the community is finalizing bids on the Ecuadorian national database for well drilling contractors. The funding for the well drilling has been secured and drilling will begin in March 2021. The remaining infrastructure necessary to provide clean water to the community, such as a water pump and PVC pipeline to storage tanks, is estimated to cost ~$30,000.

3. Supporting Mizzou EWB toward the tail-end of this project will allow our chapter to grow to previously unreached heights. The chapter’s project team will begin the search for new projects in May 2021 to provide more leadership and project engineering opportunities for future Mizzou EWB members.

It is important that we reach our fundraising goal quickly so that when bids for materials come in, we can act quickly for the community.

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