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Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Seth Poynter Memorial Award

How to begin to describe the unique, caring and creative Seth Poynter? As an undergrad, his lanky saunter and “skater dude” haircuts set him apart as “not your standard speech-language pathology clinician-in-training”. What appeared to be a nonchalant, laid-back kid collecting a few communication credits turned out to be a vital source of encouragement, humor and charisma among his undergraduate and graduate classmates. Always in the back of the class, his energy and genuine curiosity about speech and language radiated forward and was readily apparent to everyone in the room. Never hiding in the back, Seth was leading from the back – vaulting questions forward to keep everyone thinking and involved with the content. As a clinician, he thrived on translating academic knowledge into real-life practice, and as a fellow student, he was known for being able to explain concepts in an inventive way that did not make others feel dumb or somehow lacking.

As indescribable as Seth is, the same loss of words is apparent as we consider life in this world without him. The kind of student who could not be in any way summed up upon first impressions leaves us hoping for many more one-of-a-kinders to find their way to this profession - for their upbeat charm, inspired insights and open hearts.

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