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The Alyssa Turner Student Award for Occupational Therapy

Each year, the students of the MU OT graduating cohort select a peer who is recognized as the “unsung hero” of the class, a student who deserves recognition for their contributions as a friend to all and who serves as a positive influence for others. Originally developed by the MU OT Class of 2018, this award is now given in memory of Alyssa Turner, who will always be a member of the MU OT Class of 2021 cohort.

Although she was part of the MU OT program for only one year, her compassion, positivity, and enthusiasm left an everlasting impression on the students, faculty, and staff who had the privilege of knowing her. Her peers and faculty used the following words to describe her personality and contribution to our program: always laughing and smiling, dedicated, passionate, curious, encouraging, inspiring, inclusive, helpful, friendly, optimistic, thoughtful, kind, caring, genuine, giving, and humble.

The Alyssa Turner Student Award is given to a graduating student of the MU OT program selected by their peers as best representing the same qualities that Alyssa did.

Tiffany BoltonWinnie Dunn and Tim Wilson
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