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Henry Kirklin Memorial Scholarship

Join us in honoring the legacy of the late Henry Kirklin, a prize-winning gardener and horticulturist, and successful Columbia businessman. Mr. Kirklin joined our college’s horticulture department as a gardener and greenhouse supervisor in the late 1800s, and may have been the first African-American to teach at the university, although in an informal capacity, as the university did not allow Black people to hold official teaching positions during his lifetime. Hundreds of students learned the fine art of pruning and grafting from Mr. Kirklin, whether at the university, or by visiting his successful farm after later going into business for himself. 

The Henry Kirklin Memorial Scholarship will be awarded annually to underrepresented minority students studying plant sciences. CAFNR is providing $12,500 from the CAFNR Priorities Fund as a challenge gift to encourage others to give. Your gift will help us celebrate Mr. Kirklin’s history with CAFNR and support our aspiring plant scientists from diverse backgrounds.

Click here to learn more about Henry Kirklin.

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