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SWeven Scholarship

2007 was a big year.  It was the year of SWeven, a.k.a. the greatest group of Summer Welcome Leaders that Mizzou has ever seen.  And it was also the year that two members of SWeven met, fell in love, and started what is now a 14-years-and-counting partnership.

This duo launched the SWeven Scholarship in 2020 to give first-generation college students of diverse backgrounds an opportunity to create their own Mizzou stories.  Each SWeven Scholar will receive $20,000 ($5,000 per year for four years) to be spent on tuition, room and board, or internship and service learning opportunities.

The creators of the SWeven Scholarship invite all Summer Welcome Leaders - indeed, all people who loved their own Mizzou experiences - to contribute to the scholarship.  Additional scholars will be added based on the amount of money raised.


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