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Dean of Journalism

George Kennedy Columbia Missourian Endowment

In his nearly 12 years as managing editor of the Columbia Missourian, George Kennedy set high standards for accuracy and fairness for himself, his students, and those in power. His front-page editorials skewered local stuffed shirts, extolled the virtues of peach pie for breakfast and cautioned speeding drivers to Save Our Squirrels. “Second Guesses,” his daily internal critique of the paper, highlighted both examples of success as well as disappointment (the latter with “we can, and should, do better”). To honor Kennedy’s dedication to journalism, to education and to the community, we are establishing the George Kennedy Columbia Missourian Endowment, which will provide unrestricted support to the Columbia Missourian. We encourage you to give an amount that honors George’s contribution to your own education and career, and that honors the Missourian as an unparalleled teaching environment.

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