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Alternative Career Exploration in the Sciences

The University of Missouri's Alternative Career Exploration in Science (ACES) student organization offers a unique and valuable resource for STEM graduate students, postdocs, and post-baccalaureate scholars. While traditional career development resources for advanced degree seekers in STEM may be limited, ACES is dedicated to exposing its audience to diverse, non-academic careers in the sciences. 

ACES connects its members with science professionals and provides a platform to explore new career paths, highlight opportunities, and improve soft skills through workshops, networking events, and team-building activities. With a focus on providing its audience with real-world perspectives and practical experiences, ACES is a key resource for those looking to strengthen their future career prospects. 

Your support of ACES helps to fund these valuable experiences and bring science professionals directly to students on campus. With your donation, you can help shape the future of science and support the careers of today's graduate students. By investing in ACES, you are making a difference in the lives of STEM students and professionals and contributing to the advancement of the field as a whole.