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Student Affairs

Tiger Pantry

Tiger Pantry is a fulfillment food pantry that provides food resources to current students, staff and faculty and their families. Since opening in 2012, Tiger Pantry has created a partnership with Campus Dining Services to have a SWIPES program allowing students in need to have access to the dining hall. This program works by students transferring unused SWIPES from their dining plans to Tiger Pantry. Students in need are able to sign up with Tiger Pantry to receive SWIPES so they can get a hot cooked meal on campus. This program benefits students who are food insecure and may be on campus for long periods of time. On Mizzou's campus, 44% of students receive need-based financial aids. Students may find themselves in financial distress because of unforeseen personal or academic expenses.

Typically Tiger Pantry works in a deficit and makes it up in the final weeks of the semester as students realize they have so many swipes left over. This is not the case this year. So far this semester, we have sent over 2,000 swipes to 218 students in need. This program is no longer sustainable as is. Monetary donations are able to help us cover the cost of these SWIPES so we are able to continue providing this service to students in need.

Your gift makes an impact. For every student in need:

  • $8 provides one meal in the dining halls
  • $24 provides a week of meals in the dining halls
  • $50 provides a month of meals in the dining halls

Support our Mizzou family today and make a difference in the lives of those in need!

Hear from Tiger Pantry student volunteers

Amy LangenBill StubyEllen McLain
Jeni HartJeremy and Michelle CusterKaren Brammer
Kate Anderson and Chris PiresKate WalkerMark and Kathy Algren
Rebecca FallonRobyn KollarTaylor
Virginia Steiger