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MU Retirees Association Scholarship Endowment Fund

The MU Retirees Association (MURA) has established the MU Retirees Association Scholarship Endowment in recognition and appreciation of the many valuable contributions staff employees make to the functioning of all aspects of the campus. Although MURA members started this fund and have contributed a majority of the endowment funding, anyone may contribute to this fund. Therefore, MURA invites contributions from all members of the MU campus community and beyond.

One or more annual scholarship award(s) shall be given to a sophomore(s) enrolled in any degree program at the University of Missouri. A recipient shall be a dependent of a full-time staff member of the University of Missouri. Preference shall be given to recipients with demonstrated financial need as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Recipients shall be enrolled as full-time students (with a minimum of 12 hours each semester.) The minimum award amount shall be $500.

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