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Master of Public Health Student Opportunities Fund

Students come from all over Missouri, the nation and the world to learn how to design programs, develop policy and conduct research that will prevent disease and disability, address global threats to health and improve the quality of life for communities. MU's Master of Public Health (MPH) stands out by providing the opportunity to study the intersection between public health, veterinary medicine and public health journalism.

In memory of one of our graduates and our amazing friend, Nedgie Aris, who died from the lung disease, asthma. She began the Master of Public Health (MPH) program at MU in August 2012 as a Fulbright scholar and completed her degree in Spring 2014. Nedgie worked as a nurse in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and after completing her master’s degree at MU, returned home. Her sisters say that, “she ‘was so in love’ with her job as a consultant at the Management Science of Health in the countryside of Cap-Haitien.” Nedgie had the most beautiful smile/laugh/kindness/spirit and was doing great things in the field of public health.

Your contributions will allow future public health professionals like Nedgie to present their work at national meetings and to travel abroad for internships; which have included water quality projects in Honduras and Bolivia, health outreach in Ghana and zoonotic disease prevention in Kenya.

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