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Biological Science

Tucker Greenhouse

A hidden green jewel is nestled among the buildings and parking lots on the east side of the Mizzou campus. Since 1975, Tucker Greenhouse has been home to thousands of plants, including those in its tropical room and its desert room, complete with cactus garden. Unique features like the unusual Corpse Flower, which blooms rarely and briefly, are a draw for visitors and plant enthusiasts as well! This special space and the people who care for it provide educational opportunities for campus and community not found anywhere else in mid-Missouri. Schoolchildren from Columbia and nearby visit the greenhouse every year to explore its wide array of specimens and learn about its variety of ecosystems. Students of all disciplines also study among the plants in a calm and quiet space among the hustle and bustle of a busy campus. Without the greenhouse, there would be a loss of rich, hands-on learning and research, not to mention losing a peaceful oasis of green. Your donation means the Tucker Greenhouse can continue to enhance learning and enrich experiences for Mizzou and the community for generations to come!

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